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Risk Analysis check

Pro Re Nata Engineering & Technologies, in close contact with the customer, deepens the already drawn Risk Analysis in the company to ensure that the working procedures are sufficiently effective, and that they have been described properly and that they are consistent with the security needs of plant.

From the comparative analysis of risks, proposals emerge that increase the standards of safety and efficiency, improving the quality of work and increasing in the operator the level of awareness of risk.

The Comparative Analysis of Risks briefly includes:

  • the study of the risk analysis prepared by the employer
  • the identification of hidden risks, secondary risks and weaknesses
  • the definition of control measures
  • the proposed corrective actions
  • the recommendations for improvements in safety
  • the drafts of new working practices

The Comparative Analysis of Risk concludes with the preparation and discussion of the preliminary version of the technical engineering report that motivates the choice of the most effective fall protection solutions and illustrates the phases of use of the most appropriate fall protection systems.

Only after performing the Comparative Analysis of Risks Customer is sure to correctly assess all risk activities and thus comply with the requirements of the law.

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