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The Engineering Service
for fall protection

Pro Re Nata Engineering & Technologies is the first General Contractor specializing in fall protection able to develop and manage complex contracts for medium and large industries.

Pro Re Nata Engineering & Technologies is the trusted advisor for all issues related to the reduction of the risk of falling, and always provides the best possible solution in relation to available resources and within the agreed lead times.
Pro Re Nata Engineering & Technologies uses only the latest technology that is established and the most reliable equipment available on the market today and is totally independent of the manufacturers of fall protection systems. With this background it guarantees its customers the most appropriate and effective solution from a technical and economical point of view.

Pro Re Nata Engineering & Technologies operates in compliance with the many requirements of the local units of control, in accordance with Decree D.Lgs 81-2008, in compliance with the UNI-EN-ISO 795 and UNI-ENISO 353, to which numerous technical standards for Personal Protective Equipment are added.